Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Event 1

Black Mountain College

Black Mountain College is based off in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina where students from all across American came to get another look on the study of liberal arts. These students are the postwar practitioners that are excellent artists, musicians, poets, and thinkers. Their main studies are mainly on the postwar art and music that helped create America. Being founded in 1933, it was the perfect time an educational movement. Black Mountain College helped shape modern music and dance. Black Mountain College lasted until 1957, because the enrollment started to decrease rapidly with only 15 people in the enrollment class in the year of 1953. There wasn’t much money flow as the numbers kept going down farther away from the war.

The Hammer Museum was a nice quiet museum on April 27th, based off in the middle of Westwood on Wilshire Boulevard. The Hammer represents new and evolving arts by changing their scenery every couple of months. The setting of this museum was consistent beige across the walls with bright lights shining across the halls on pieces of art. There were many interesting people roaming around the museum, and the help of the many workers there gave me a good perception on Black Mountain College and it’s history.

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