Sunday, April 24, 2016

In the normal mind, art and medicine would be thought of as two completely
different entities. Art can be very nonfigurative through the eyes of the average person. There are many different directions one may go with art. Unlike art medicine is quite established and there are only is only one way to go about it, which is through knowledge. Awhile back, medicine became known for being an art, and if any instruments or technology were used during the surgical practices, then it was known that the art of medicine became lost.

As a baseball player the first thing that comes to my mind with mind, art, and medicine is Tommy Johnny surgery. This surgery is a well-known treatment done on a pitchers arm. This surgery has miraculously saved many baseball players in the last 10 years, changing the game.

            According to the intro, the main reason for the new medicine is the Nano-technology, which also relates back to the robots assignment last week. These advancements are proven to be evolving through the use of x-rays, which are a big part in our scientific and medical field the last 15 years. The best example I could find of the relations between art and medicine is the “museum man”, Gurther Von Hagens. He brought together the art of science by displaying them in an art center.

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  1. Great post Jake! I like how you focused your thoughts around medicine being the middle ground between arts and science. It was also fascinating to read about that baseball players' surgery, I had never heard of that before. I agree that it is incredible how his surgery has forever changed the game since it allows more players to continue their careers. Really shows the impact that it has had. Loved reading this...keep it up!