Sunday, May 8, 2016


Biotechnology is seen more and more throughout in today’s time then ever before, as in hybrids between animals and the GMO in our food. It represents the cellular importance of our body and the life it brings. What stood out to me personally was the bio-art, because it helped bring out the importance of designs, “It was simple; instantly you can explain the idea to anyone.” Professor James Watson. This quote explains the concept of biotechnology, which is the manipulation of cells, which regenerates the same genetics.

The first experiment then comes to my mind is the fluorescent bunny done by Eduardo Kac. He tries to make an exact replica of a rabbit, because he wants to see how far this science can take him. Even though this concept seems to be pretty cool, tend to disagree with this because it serves know other purpose other than exploration. The new manipulations of rabbits cannot be used as food because the proteins are inedible due to being unnatural. The audio microscope, created by Joe Davis, it “allows the user to image particular living cells while simultaneously listening to their greatly amplified - and species-specific - microacoustic signatures” (Davis). This invention helps people look at the insides cells of animals without affecting it. It helps bring us more knowledge on the science of these certain animals. These experiments help prove the importance of biotechnology amongst our lives, because the more we know the better.

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  1. Hi Jake. Great post, I loved reading it! I also find bio-tech art to be the most interesting part of the merge between biology and technology. It is truly fascinating how art can be found and created in all parts of life. I also found pioneer, Joe Davis' story to be really interesting. I love how his crazy ideas created this whole new movement, which we now study today.