Friday, May 20, 2016

Event #2

The Getty Museum 
     The J. Paul Getty is one of the most well known museums on the west coast, it was founded in Malibu and it is directed by Timothy Potts. They Getty over looks Westwood Village from up in the hills.

     One of the more interesting sections that I found within the museum was the Robert Mapplethorpe gallery. One of the more interesting topics that I found was the development of Hardwiring Art, which became based of Mapplethorpe's idea of basing his art of the wiring infrastructure of cities. Artists started noticing the increased wiring would be great for a new art form. This wiring also brought new light prospectives in thee artists pictures, which helped Robert Mapplethorpe become a successful artist. He also influenced many other people, for example Kunie Sugiura based many of his wiring arts off of Mapplethorpe's pieces.

     One of my favorite pieces of art found in the Getty is the Fran and Ray Stark Sculpture Terrace because of the smooth design and unique shape it brings a different output on art showing that any random design can turn into a beautiful piece. This piece is also placed in front of the beautiful Getty garden, which perfectly resembles my experience there.

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