Saturday, May 21, 2016

Event 3

Fowler Event
            During the Fowler event I learned a lot more about robotics and their significance in today’s world. The technology of robotics is a lot more advanced than the average person may assume. One of the main points that interested me the most were the different types of robots and their purpose. The first type of robot we learned about is the humanoid, which is a robot that doesn’t quite look like a human but is in the shape of one, while an android is a robot that looks and acts like a human person. My favorite is the tele-operated robot that answers calls, which is called the telenoid. All of these different types of robots are becoming more and more realistic every year.

      One of the more interesting points is the Robot Asimo, which is one of the first robots ever that are able to walk down stairs. Asimo also relates to another robot Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro because of how advanced they are because this robot looks so much like a human, you couldn’t notice unless you’re with about 25 feet.

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