Sunday, April 3, 2016

Basketball as a whole doesn’t appear to be enveloped in art and science, but when you look at the analytics you see a game full of different art forms. Also, looking at the game from the outside you see many art forms. Professional basketball represents art through the entertainment that it brings to fans. Also, the art of the NBA logo of Jerry West driving to the basket is their universal sign. Another art form is the way these NBA players dress before a game has started. It usually consists of style, flash, and some “swag”. Russell Westbrook is the player that is most well known for his pregame outfits, this represents art because of the statement he makes before and after a game. The science of basketball is also easily found throughout the sport. A guard’s shot is all based on science, and with the perfect form and angle of the ball the shot can be perfected. One of the best players, Stephen Curry, has a shot that is constantly taken between 50- 55 degrees, which seems to be the most accurate degree a ball can be shot at. He also can get a shot off in .4 tenths of a second, which is the quickest release point in the NBA. This is how the two cultures of art and science are found in the game of basketball.


  1. I really enjoyed reading your post, I have never thought about basketball in that way. The art behind the sport is very creative and has been very successful in helping spread the brand of the sport. The logo has become an image that is known all over the world and it is due to art that this has been made possible. I agree that there is a lot of science behind a players' form, but I also feel like there is an art behind this as well. Once a player perfects their form it becomes an art.

  2. Jake! Hello I am Justin hooper. I am a huge sports fan and love basketball! I agree with the art of just watching the sport for how the players play with intent and passion for their sport. On the other hand their are fans who love the science behind how players jump so high and predict the arc to make the best shot possible! Wonderful insight into the game of basketball. Thank you