Friday, April 15, 2016


Robotics and art are seen more and more as technology keeps upgrading. The main reason for art in robotics is the industrial revolution. During this period of time, machinery started to become manufactured in the early to mid 1800s. Then the second industrial revolution involved steel and electricity, which help create the robotics in all cultures. The revolution also brought jobs around the world through mass production, making robotics and art a key component throughout history.

            The Japanese are one of the first cultures to benefit from the industrial revolution. Through Japanese robotic creations they have created consistent repetition with they way the robotics are made according to Professor Machiko Kusahara. With the toy robots sold to little children, their main consistent idea was to create a friendly face for the children to see. Which can also relate to how important they made aesthetics important in their creations. Another Asian culture that as benefitted were the Chinese, with the creation of the printing press. The printing press became one of the most important pieces of machinery made. It brought a simpler way of communication amongst people.

            The art within machinery that I have seen is through movies like WALL-E. WALL-E is a movie about an animated robot that looks for the good in the world, trying to save humanity. I enjoyed this movie because it relates to the real world on how machines help humans these days amongst our daily live. The renovation of machinery is what makes general things full of art.

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  1. Great post Jake, I really enjoyed reading it! I agree with the points you made about the industrial revolution promoting robotics. During this time period was when industries were booming so robots helped speed up the process and keep up with the demands of buyers. Ford also made a huge impact on this by creating an assembly line that allowed the company to drastically multiple the number of cars being made each day.